About the photoXchange app

photoXchange was created by a professional photographer of forty years to give fellow photographers the ability to share their work with clients anywhere in the world while on location. 

We recognized the need for professionals to receive timely feedback from Clients, Editors and Art Directors, and the convenience afforded to all photographers by sharing with family and friends.

With photoXchange, you can easily connect your camera to your iPad or iPhone and import images to view, share, and save on a personal photoXchange webpage.  All you need is an Internet connection and your memory card or camera with built-in WiFi capabilities.* You can also connect via the Apple© Camera Connection Kit (iPad only).

  • Pros - get client approval on shots and share images while still in the field.
  • Wedding and event photographers - let guests see and choose shots while on-site. 
  • Fashion and editorial photographers - get fast feedback from art directors anywhere in the world.
  • Hobbyists and travelers - share images with family and friends within minutes.

*Compatible with WiFi or 3D / Edge and any Compact Flash, SD or Eye-Fi© card.


Our Team at pXc, were driven to create an app that is simpler to operate, user friendly and less confusing. Yet with all the functionality that we felt  photographers on the go needed. Photographers have enough to do with the many functions on todays cameras! Sometimes getting that perfect image is all you want to concentrate on and not an app that's going to distract and challenge you.
With that goal in mind there are not any unnecessary, superfluous functions and buttons to distract from the end goal...sending the image(s) to where you want and to whom you want. And we're certain that we've added the social networks and apps that are the most useful and popular.
And pXc is about one fourth the size of similar apps, at just about 6mb...thus using less of your resources and application space on your device. Additionally, photoXchange costs one third of our closest competition available in the marketplace.
photoXchange, designed to be fast, accurate, dependable and lean.
All Photos are Property of photoXchange © 2014